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Our Mission

JP Recovery Services, Inc. is a full service accounts receivable management company that provides collection support to credit grantors to improve cash flow and reduce aged receivables. All account follow-up activities are conducted with professional efficiency to maximize recovery and protect client reputation.

Why choose JP Recovery Services?


  • JP Recovery Services, Inc. was started in 1998, and is an Ohio based corporation. As a full service collection agency, JPRS is licensed to operate nationwide. Our performance record with Federal, State and local government regulatory agencies is excellent with regard to compliance. JPRS has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.
  • JPRS is staffed by more than 150 experienced medical coders, billers and collectors who are effective in converting aged healthcare receivables into cash flow. Our healthcare receivable recovery programs cover both hospital and physician accounts. The three operating divisions include Medical Billing, Pre-Collection/Early Out and Bad Debt Collection.
  • JPRS technology includes the FACS Collection System, one of the most advanced systems in the collection agency industry. JPRS is fully capable of electronic data exchange. We have worked with most hospital and physician billing systems, and this experience facilitates the interface with clients.
  • JPRS has an experienced Management team with a strong focus on healthcare finance. We have been an active member and corporate sponsor of ACA, HFMA, AAHAM, MGMA, and COPAM since 1998. JPRS is fully compliant with the terms of a Business Associate role under HIPAA.
  • JPRS clients include many hospitals, physician groups and healthcare systems, and we support our clients with collection programs for insurance receivables and patient liability through our separate operating divisions. Our diversity of receivable recovery programs provides our clients with flexibility in outsourcing decisions.
  • Our focus on client service is strong as we provide support activities to our clients as part of our partnership approach to our business relationships. Collections results are consistently at or above client expectations, and patient goodwill is protected by our professional approach to the mission.
  • JPRS pricing of receivable recovery programs is based upon low contingency fee rates that directly correlate performance with agency fee expense. This ‘pay for performance’ pricing method provides our clients with strong economic justification on outsourcing decisions.
  • JPRS is licensed, insured and bonded through the American Collector Association, and trust accounts are maintained for client cash.


John P. Beirne

John P. Beirne


John Beirne has over 35 years of experience in credit and collections management. His work career includes BP Oil Company and Firestone Tire and Rubber Company as collection Manager of Credit Card Operations. John served as Vice President in several collection agencies from 1987 to 1997. As President and co-owner of JP Recovery Services, John is very active with clients and he is supportive of healthcare organizations and associations. His extensive knowledge of healthcare receivable management has enhanced his reputation within the industry. John is a graduate of John Carroll University.

John P. Murray

John P. Murray

Vice President

John Murray has over 25 years of experience in the collections industry. His work career includes collection management experience at BP Oil Company and GTE Wireless. As Vice President and co-owner of JP Recovery Services, John oversees the overall operations of the company. He also serves as Financial Controller at JP Recovery Services. John graduated from Baldwin Wallace College.


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