Collection Division

Collection Division

JP Recovery Services, Inc. is a full-service organization that specializes in healthcare accounts receivable collections. We are proud of our reputation as one of the healthcare industry’s leading collection companies in the country. Our diligent, data-driven approach is designed to turn aged receivables into cash flow while providing excellent service to our clients and their patients.

Knowledge. Commitment. Performance.

“Thank you again for your dedication to supporting the mission of the Cleveland Clinic over the years. JPRS continues to excel with your performance. Not only do we appreciate the value of our relationship in terms of revenues, but more importantly your commitment to providing an outstanding level of service to our patients!”

– Revenue Cycle Manager, Cleveland Clinic


  • Patient Focused: Our top priority is determining the optimal debt resolution option for each patient. Our patient-friendly approach allows us to protect our client’s reputation within the community.
  • Business Intelligence: Our analytical approach allows us to maximize recoveries by identifying consumers’ propensity to pay, and prioritizing our effort levels accordingly.
  • Innovation: We understand the importance to evolve in an increasingly challenging industry which drives our strategy of continued investment in the latest cutting-edge technological solutions.
  • Compliant and Consistent: We have a dedicated Quality Assurance Team to ensure the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct. Our expertise and certifications include FDCPA, TCPA, HIPPA, 501(r), and Red Flag rules.
  • Results Driven: We have a proven track record of strong collection performance, maintaining an extremely competitive presence in the industry.
  • Download the White Paper: Improving Your Patient Bad Debt Performance Through Secondary Collections

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