Veteran’s Administration Claims

With over 30 years of experience in Veterans Claims Management, JP recovery Services has dedicated team in place to provide a fully outsourced solution to these challenging claims. 


  • Identify, generate, and deliver claims timely and accurately 
  • Navigate through complex set of rules unique to the VA  
  • Immediate follow up with VA representative to confirm receipt of claim and ensure all records are complete and sufficient.  
  • Continued follow-up with VA to expedite claim processing through final resolution 
  • Provide client status updates through customized reporting and analysis  
  • Obtain and process full and complete payment as quickly as possible 
  • Maintain a thorough audit of overall performance and reimbursement history of Veteran claims inventory  


  • Overcome staff shortages and free up extensive staff hours due to extremely long hold times  
  • Avoid coding and documentation errors that are critical to full reimbursement  
  • Identify and recover underpayments 
  • We work with our clients to manage complicated denials and appeals cases successfully 
  • Ensure compliance with all complex VA rules and regulations 
  • Streamlined process gives VA claims the best chance to pay in the shortest possible time.

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