Workers Compensation

For over 20 years, JP Recovery has been a partner that providers have turned to for their Worker’s Compensation solutions. We have the expertise and procedures in place to ensure every statute is met, every contingency is covered, and every report is submitted correctly and timely.

About Our Workers Compensation Services

  • JP Recovery is a partner that works as an extension of our client’s office for Day-One Workers Compensation payers

  • All account balances would be referred to the JPRS Medical Billing Division for review and resolution
  • The division is currently staffed by more than 40 experienced billers, certified professional coders (CPC) and customer service representatives

Our staff members have extensive experience with IDX, AS400, Star Navigator, OAS Gold, Rumba, Envision, Soarian, Practice Plus, and the following:

Our Workers Compensation Process

  1. Front End Processing
  2. Billing
  3. Follow Ups
  4. Authorizations
  5. Remittances/ Denials/ Payment Overview

Benefits to Provider

  • Meet staff shortages caused by turnover, budget constraints and volume increases
  • Short and long term programs available for your particular organizational needs
  • Control costs with low contingency pricing
  • Reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and increase revenues as our staff handles laborious workers compensation claims

“JPRS has been integral in our Revenue Cycle success at University Hospitals. We find their team to be experts in Worker’s Compensation related claims resolution, which can be an arduous billing and collections process. The quality of work, responsiveness to our inquiries and proactive issue resolution has led to us continually expanding the scope of our engagement.”

Senior Director, Revenue Recovery, University Hospitals

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